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Legal Army is an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP). We believe that there is a better way to provide legal services by reducing their cost by up to 80%, adapting to a new client who is much more demanding and focused on developing their business with maximum legal security without paying the tolls of structures and processes of another era. Our corporate organization seeks the welfare of lawyers and the satisfaction of our clients, attracting the best legal talent.

We use the best technology to automate works that do not require legal qualification reducing your costs drastically without losing an apex of excellence.

This is NewLaw, This is Legal Army.

We break the billable hours’ system

A significant number of law firms remain anchored in a 19th century business model, based on a pyramidal partnership, with hundreds of lawyers working in prime locations in luxury offices that can only be afforded by the "billable hours" paid by the client, regardless of whether part of those hours are purely administrative work.

Many firms pass their structural costs to the client, who loses control of his budget when he receives huge amounts of fees that no longer fit the reality of the modern legal industry.

Now, more than ever, it is the time for alternative providers of legal services, as we offer transparent rates previously agreed with our clients.

The future of legal services

Legal Army is a Alternative Legal Services Provider with a staff of in-house lawyers trained in a proprietary and unique methodology created by L-A to gain efficiency and excellence by lowering fees through the use of technology and agile working methodologies. We automate repetitive processes and thus have more time to advise and solve our clients' problems.

We are specialists in technology, innovation and digital business

Privacy, technology law, digital business and business legal advice.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO).

Audits and compliance to GDPR and LOPDGDD.

Technological services contracting, platforms or digital businesses.

Advice on privacy and information security.

Outsourced DPO or internal DPO support.

Legal Opinions or legal feasibility studies for disruptive business models.

Protection of Software and digital creations.

Intellectual Property : registration/opposition of trademarks, utility models and other forms of protection.

Privacy clauses and policies and 'cookies' and web legal texts.

General/Particular Contracting Conditions.

Legal Design and clear communication.

Programmatic advertising.

User knowledge, behavioural advertising, profiling and location.

Advertising and audiovisual communication Law.

In Company' training courses.

Monetization of 'big data'.

'E-Commerce' and 'market places'.

Consumers and User Law.

NDAs or Confidentiality Agreements.

Advice and solution of online reputation problems.

Recovery of domains and intangibles protection.

'Privacy by Design' for new products and services.

'Fintech', 'insurtech' and collaborative economy.

Cybercrime and ethical hacking.

'Native advertising' and 'branded content'.

Augmented reality and virtual reality.

Consumer and User Rights.

International Regulatory Research.

Training and conferences specialised in Privacy, IP and Technological Law.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, smart contracts, metaverse.

Legaltech integral consulting.



We are lawyers and counsel with up to 20 years of experience in business law.

We are highly specialized in new business models and all kinds of technologies so we accompany our customers in their growth speaking their same language.

We recruit only the best legal talent to deliver legal excellence.

Transparent fares

With L-A, you'll always know the cost of our services beforehand.

We offer two types of fully transparent pricing:

  • Monthly retainer fee without limit of hours for recurrent support.
  • Single Price for closed projects previously agreed with the client.


We use agile work methodology imported from the technological environment.

We are aware that your business requires immediate advice and strategic anticipation.

That's one of our greatest assets.


We offer our clients different technologies so that they can have access to their entire document repository and can make multiple managements and queries without having to lose hours in infinite conference calls.

We own our technology, which is based on AI and ML.

Legal Army History

After more than 12 years as an in-house lawyer and legal director of various companies in the PRISA Group and Tuenti, our CEO and founder, Natalia Martos, as client of legal services, from all types of national and international firms of different sizes, realized that there was no legal offering in traditional law firms that was adequate to provide legal coverage for the digital business and technology that these companies were developing.

Following her time at Singularity University (Silicon Valley) in 2016, she analyzed how exponential technologies were changing all traditional business models, including legal services.

She discovered NewLaw and ALSP, which are spreading worldwide at a dizzying rate, and decided to import the model to the Spanish-speaking market.

For two years she created and led the technology law, innovation and privacy practice in two of the traditional law firms of reference in Spain until she took the leap to set up Legal Army in 2018.

Our Clients

Some stay in the past and decide to continue using it, but more and more, all kinds of companies knock on our door looking for innovation, legal excellence and above all, fixed and transparent rates.

Join the #NewLaw pioneers!

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