A team of lawyers backed by the best technology to manage your commercial and technological contracts

Our Agile methodology allows us to review and manage large numbers of contracts with maximum precision.

The perfect combination of senior lawyers and technology allows us to streamline the drafting, review and management of large corporate contracts.

We prepare a KM (repository of master legal documents and contracts) totally adapted to your company with the necessary contract models to develop your business with agility.

Services included:


Collaboration contracts

Contracts for the provision of services and works

Development of a repository of customised master contracts

Licensing and development contracts

General conditions and web contracting

Contract management through a digital unit shared with our client

Transparent fares

With L-A, you'll always know the cost of our services beforehand.

We offer four types of fully transparent pricing:

One-shot / Flat Rate
Unique price for closed projects previously agreed with the client. No surprises, no matter how long it takes to complete.

Monthly retainer fee
Unlimited hours for ongoing support. We handle all necessary legal work in a given area or subject for a fixed fee per month, which can be adjusted upward or downward as the workload flows.

Success fees
Percentage of success for the work done. We agree on a fixed price for a part of the work done and a percentage of success.

One rate hourly pricing
Our lawyers with the same fixed fee. We work as a team to resolve legal issues with a fixed fee agreed with the client.

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