Optimized Legal Services with the best technology

You'll have a dedicated legal team to focus on your business. We cover your needs with fair and transparent rates.


Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

A dedicated team of lawyers to help you develop your business without worrying about legal issues.

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Privacy and Cybersecurity

We adapt all types of companies, products and services to the GDPR and the rest of the world's regulations on privacy and data protection. We secure your most valuable asset, the information. We prepare you for the cyberthreats of this century.

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IT & Commercial Contracts

We draw up, review and manage all your contracts to alleviate the workload of your legal department.

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We are your DPO empowered with technology to ensure full compliance with the principle of proactive accountability.

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Digital Regulation & Intellectual Property

We are experts in digital business and intellectual property. We provide the most specialized advice for cutting-edge products and services.

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Legal Design

Redesigning of contracts and other documents for clear communication.

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Always fair and transparent fees:

Monthly retainer fee without limit of hours for recurrent support.

Single Price for closed projects previously agreed with the client.

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