We recommend several measures that can be carried out in your company in order to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus’ situation.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced numerous companies to undertake specific measures to protect their employees by encouraging remote working and to organize themselves accordingly.

In Legal Army we approach it as an opportunity to improve ourselves and to assist you in facing these new challenges of the current environment. That's why we have developed a checklist to help you protect your company's information security and contractual interests and to tidy up your legal closet while you are exercising social distancing.


A document which has been designed so that you don’t miss anything.

You’ll find some helpful tips and steps, policies and procedures or guidelines that you may choose to implement during this crisis.

With all the essential sections for your company to be fully protected regarding contractual aspects, Data Protection, and Information Security, as well as other important topics.

Some helpful tips

Review all possible measures that may protect your company and its interests.

Review all your agreements, whether you are a supplier or a client, to see if there are any force majeure provisions or events beyond your control that may have implications for the fulfillment of your contractual obligations, such as provisions regarding delays in the provision of the services, early termination provisions without penalties, late payments provisions, etc.

Review the security measures, policies and procedures implemented in your company to see if they comply with an adequate level of security, in order for your employees to carry out their work remotely from their homes with absolute security: secure communications, protected databases, adequate access control, updated backups, etc.

Examine the agreements signed with suppliers to see if there are clauses requiring them to maintain a business continuity plan, even in cases of force majeure, in order to ensure that their services continue to be provided, even if only by means of a reduced service level. Similarly, determine whether and how you, as a supplier of services to your clients, are required to have business continuity plans.

Verify that all of your employees can safely access the information they need to work remotely through the appropriate resources enabled for this purpose. Remember that the use of removable storage devices (such as USBs, external hard drives) is strongly discouraged.

Here is the complete checklist:

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