We break the billable hours’ system

A significant number of law firms remain anchored in a 19th century business model, based on a pyramidal partnership, with hundreds of lawyers working in prime locations in luxury offices that can only be afforded by the "billable hours" paid by the client, regardless of whether part of those hours are purely administrative work.

Many firms pass their structural costs to the client, who loses control of his budget when he receives huge amounts of fees that no longer fit the reality of the modern legal industry.

Now, more than ever, it is the time for alternative providers of legal services, as we offer transparent rates previously agreed with our clients. In the post COVID19 era, companies have suffered dramatical budget reductions that require the optimization of their legal pool, giving entrance to ALSPs.

With Legal Army, you will always know the cost of our services in advance.

Transparent fares

With L-A, you'll always know the cost of our services beforehand.

We offer two types of fully transparent pricing:

Single Price for closed projects previously agreed with the client.

Monthly retainer fee
without limit of hours for recurrent support.

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